In the course of providing computing support under this program, Barnestorm staff in many instances provide support beyond what is described in this document. Such additional support is provided at the discretion of Barnestorm consultants. Some support functions depend on remote access and support can be refused if remote access is not available. Barnestorm reserves the right to make changes to this policy as needed.

Customer Responsibilities

Barnestorm does not perform general computer, networking, configuration, security or printer tasks; customer is responsible for these tasks.

  • Create all users and profiles required within Barnestorm and Windows
  • Create and maintain a mapped drive on each computer that accesses the server.
  • Configure, connect, troubleshoot, and maintain printers.
    *If the computer can’t print from any application, the printer issue is not a Barnestorm issue*
  • Troubleshoot networking problems.
    *If the computer can’t access the internet through a browser, the connectivity issue is not a Barnestorm issue*
  • Ensure that each machine has a username and password for each Barnestorm user that will be using it.
  • Ensure that an Administrator account is available during the initial install of Barnestorm.
  • Document a user account that has local Administrative privileges to each machine.
  • Provide user support on computer hardware, peripherals, applications other than Barnestorm, and printers.
  • *****Maintain a daily backup of the server, including the database.*****
  • *****Maintain a daily backup of local drives used to store billing files.*****
  • Set up and manage network drives and file shares.
  • Set up and maintain external interfaces, like modems, used for billing, including transmitting.
  • Secure computers and network with antivirus and firewalls.
  • Ensure that anti-virus and other software does not interfere with Barnestorm or SQL functions or connectivity.
  • Troubleshoot network issues related to accessing external files, websites and firewalls.
  • Configure operating systems for network connectivity. This may include opening ports.
  • Configure, update, and maintain Active Directory if used.
  • Install and configure network components, including routers and wireless routers.
  • Install operating system patches or updates.
  • Transfer data from an existing computer to a new machine.
  • Maintain, configure, and update computer hardware or components.

Barnestorm Responsibilities

When a customer purchases Barnestorm software or upgrades to a different version of Barnestorm software, Barnestorm will install/update Barnestorm software and required support software.

  • Access the server remotely and install the Barnestorm database.
  • Access each machine remotely and install Barnestorm software and required components.
  • Troubleshoot issues with usability and function of Barnestorm software.
  • Maintain database integrity and work through data issues.
  • Troubleshoot connection issues with the Barnestorm program and the main database server.
  • Create a security group used to access the Barnestorm database.
  • Train users on proper use of the software.
  • Barnestorm will help users learn to perform their job functions using Barnestorm software but will not perform those functions.
  • Test each Barnestorm installation for functionality and database interaction.
  • Test printing from Barnestorm software only, notify customer if printing capability needs to be checked by customer staff.
  • Test networking as related to Barnestorm software only, notify customer if network capability needs to be checked by customer staff.

Any technical activities requested of Barnestorm that are outside of our listed areas of responsibility above are not covered by our monthly support fees and will be billed at $100 per hour.