Export Payroll to ADP

07.06 Scheduled Visits versus Visits Made

Print Active Patients and Their Address

Print Active Patients and Their Emergency Contact

Print a List of Patient Birthdays by Month

View Discharge Patient Detail

30.03 Incomplete Visit Documentation

ADP Payroll Issues

01.12 Active Patients with Discipline Orders

08.28 Print Doctor Reports

Print On Hold Patients List

21.10 ICD Stats by ICD Code or Group

01.60 No Future Visits Scheduled

19.09 HIS Tracking Report

02.23 Visit Total by Date

14.13 RAP Auto-Cancel Episodes

02.37 Employee Overtime Study

Patients on an Antibiotic or AntiInfective Report

07.09 HbA1c Tracking

05.07 Pay Adj Codes W Amounts

05.11 Totals By Prog Payment Code

05.12 Totals by Program Payer

05.16 Percent Paid

05.24 Posting Summary by Mo

05.29 DC Patients W Zero Balance

05.42 30/60/90 by Team/Payer

04.41 NC Mental Health Cost Report

14.17 Episodes With OASIS Changed after RAP / EOE

15.06 PPS AR Prorated by Month

15.07 PPS Accrued Across a Month End

05.19 Unpaid Adjusted Pt Balances

05.13 Summary by Patient Month

13.40 OASIS HHVBP Report

07.08 Infection Tracking

09.04 Counts by Visit Status / Discipline

01.41 Patient Supervision

06.33 Length of Stay Summary by Payer

RAP Auto Cancel

01.05 Patient Emergency List

22.07 Funeral Homes by Case Manager

High Risk Medications

Barnestorm Report Overview

Increase the Font Size on Reports

Home Health Reports

Referral and Discharge Reports - Stats

Guide to Reports > Billing

Revenue Generation Reports

18.03 PPS LUPA by ICD Codes

15.16 PPS Cost Report Summary

02.35 NC Medicaid Billed/Paid Summary

09.25 Patient ICD Search

Hospice Reports

04.57 Verify Payer Matches Job Code

01.08 Referral Counts

01.11 Employee Involvement

01.19 485 and VO Tracking

02.01 Overlapping Time

02.06 Visit Reference List

02.42 Employee Productivity Report

02.91 POC/Office History - Sync History Report

05.09 Unpaid Patient Balances

05.10 Totals by Payment and Adjustment Codes

30/60/90 By Patient

06.01 Activity Summary (Flash Report)

06.07 Unduplicated Patient/Visit Counts by Payer

06.09 Patient Census Counts

07.01 Verify Patient Admit and Discharge Dates

07.04 Medication Changes

13.05 OASIS Tracking

14.03 PPS Tracking Report

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