POC Version 1.2018.0123.1

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POC Production Publish Comments for version 1.2018.0123.1

28613-Medicare CoP: Added several items to help with 2018 CoP udpates.

29129-POC > Visits/Assessment: Changed the Neurological tab to be named Cognitive for assessments dated on and after 1/13/18; Added tabs and fields for BIMS, Delirium, and Behavioral Symptoms; added a global setting 0757-Cognitive required on all visits.

29264-Orders > Recert / Post Hospital > When a 485 dated during and another dated after the VO Date is found, add the option to choose which one to use for Orders and Goals; also be sure to check Global Setting > Orders > 0613 if you only want the most recent orders and goals

29248-Med History > Hospice > Comfort Kit items: Mark each med schedule as PRN.

29211-POC > Assessment > Risk Assess: Made modifictions to wording in Risk 1; fixed printing issues; update the risk category with each click.

29178-POC > Labs > PT/INR > Add option to copy the history to the clipboard for pasting to other documents

29156-POC > Exercises (PT): If Global Setting 0750 Load PT exercises from the previous visit is true, then make sure the exercises come from the most recent earlier visit.
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