POC Version 1.2017.1120.1

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POC Production Publish Comments for version 1.2017.1120.1

29148-POC > Review Meds > Med History: Fixed the size of the panel with the list of meds when there are more than 30.

29102-Patient Histories > IDG Meeting: Added a separate IDG Meeting screen to pull up information on the patient pulled up on the Select Patient screen.

29125-Documents: Added global setting 0580 to disable public sharing of documents.

29126-Schedules: Do not allow an assessment to be started without assessment type, payer, job code and visit status code answered.
Barnestorm Publisher | email
Nov 20 2017, 09:49 AM
Was there a change in POC that allows visiting staff to unlock their own visits even if they are locked and charged?
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