The following steps are suggestions for billing non PPS related payers.  We recommend these steps in order for the correct billing and AR information to show up.  Non PPS payers would be any payers that are billed per visit.

Enter the charges

Depending on how your agency is setup, you are either entering the charges into Barnestorm Office or the visiting staff is creating the assessments from Point of Care.  The assessments can be turned into charges using the import schedule feature. 

Here are some articles related to entering charges and importing charges from assessments.

Visit Entry Screen

Medicaid Weekly Screen

Medicaid Monthly Visits

Import Charges from Assessments

Verify data entry

After entering charges or importing visit charges you can run reports to verify all charges are entered or entered correctly.   Below are just a couple of reports that can be used to print charges entered.  You can review the rest under Reports > Employee or Reports > Visits. 

Reports > Visits > 02.06 Visit Reference List has several options to select from

Employee Activity > Visit Entry, enter the date range to print along with program and payer as needed. Select to sort by patient or employee. Click on the Refresh button and then Print.

Use the following article if an entry needs fixed. Correct a visit entry

Create claims

After the data entry of charges have been entered and verified, the claim can be created.   

Billed Medicaid Claims

Create Claims UB04 / 1500 / Invoices

If you happen to notice any data entry errors related to charges, now is the time to fix them.  After they have been corrected you will want to recreate the claims as needed.

Transfer to AR

This is an important step to keeping the Accounts Receivable up-to-date.  Once you have created the claims you will need to transfer over the charges to AR.  This step is where the “Amount Billed” in AR comes from.  If you skip this step then the AR reports will not be accurate. 

Post Amount Billed to A/R

Post Amount Billed to A/R Several Times in a Month

Monthly Report

We have a great checks-n-balance report that will let you know of any patients that have had changes to charges after the Transfer to AR has be completed.  This would mean that charges have been added, deleted or modified. We suggest you print this report at least once a month. 

Compare AR Amount to Actual Charges