In completing this task, you will need to do the following 3 things:

1.  Create a new payer

a.    From Barnestorm Office > Codes > Program Related Codes > Payer Codes, enter your Program number and click on Add A New Payer

b.     Choose an available code.

c.    Enter the payer name

d.    Follow Payer Code Options Guide to fill in the format and class options. 

e.   Answer the rest of the questions based on the type of payer you are creating and how they want the claim to generate.

f.     Save

g.     Go to Contact Information tab – Enter the address and any Contact Information, as needed.  Press Save.

h.    Go to payment and adjustment code tab – This will be filled in once you do steps at #3..

i.     Go to Electronic Claims Setup tab – Enter agency info and save.

Oasis M0150 Type: This will only show up for payers that have OASIS Required Yes.  There will be a feature in the future that will automatically answer the correct payment source on the Referral > Payers screen.  There's also a report on this page Print M0150 Details.  This will print patient's and their payer types for payers that do not have this question answered yet.  


2.  Edit the HIPAA payer


a.    From Barnestorm Office Main screen, click the Billing tab

b.    Click HIPAA Transactions tab

c.    Click Edit HIPAA payers

d.    Choose the payer you created (on left side of screen)

e.    Verify that all data has been entered (right side of screen).  Fill in any missing information.

f.    Save

3.  Create a payment and adjustment code for the new payer

a.     From Barnestorm Office main screen, click the Accounts Receivable tab

b.  Click Pay/Adj Codes

c.  Enter your program number

d.  Click Show Available Codes

e.  Choose the first available code

f.      At Description, enter the payer + payment (i.e. BCBS payment)

g.  Click P for payment

h.    Save

i.  Click Show Available Codes

j.  Choose the first available code

k.  At Description, enter the payer + adjustment (i.e. BCBS adjustment)

l.  Select A for Adjustment

m. Save