• Got a new employee using Barnestorm?

    Bring new employees up to speed or have existing employees touch up their skills with our Barnestorm Training Video series. Click Here to get started.
  • The Barnestorm Aide App is now available!

    We just launched our web application written specifically for aides. It allows any aide with a smartphone to complete an assigned aide plan, record vitals and capture a patient signature. All from the patients home, it couldn't get any easier could it? Drop us a line to find out: christine@barnestorm.com
  • Windows XP is out, so it's time to upgrade!

    Barnestorm and Microsoft are ending support for Windows XP computers on April 8, 2014. If your computer is running Windows XP, you MUST upgrade!!! Read more here. To tell if your computer will need this upgrade, start a chat with us now.
  • Web-based Barnestorm? We're in the cloud!

    Our HIPAA-compliant hosting solution will allow your clinicians to log in to the system from wherever they have an internet connection, including at home.  Barnestorm handles the server, backups, user access, and security. If you're interested in our hosting service, or have questions about it, email Chris at christine@barnestorm.com.
  • I am being AUDITED!!!

    Step 1. Breathe. Step 2. Don't worry, we have a list of helpful reports here.
  • Printer Problems?

    Click here.
  • I want to change something in the software...

    Barnestorm has changed the way we process requests for software customization. Please review our policy before making software change requests and let us know if you have any questions.Barnestorm Policies
  • Electronic Orders and 485s

    Are you still using a fax machine? Do you wish you could throw it in the trash? Barnestorm has an electronic ordering service that costs $40 per month and sends unlimited electronic orders and 485s to doctors. Doctors pay nothing, they need only provide you with an email address. Your order mailing staff procedures remain the same, as well. Email Chris at christine@barnestorm.com

Most Recent Software Publishes

POC Version 1.2017.1002.1 - 1 Barnestorm Publisher
Office Version 1.2017.1002.0 - 1 Barnestorm Publisher
Office Version 1.2017.0825.0 - 1 Barnestorm Publisher
POC Version 1.2017.0823.1 - 1 Barnestorm Publisher
Office Version 1.2017.0823.0 - 1 Barnestorm Publisher
POC Version 1.2017.0822.1 - 1 Barnestorm Publisher
Office Version 1.2017.0822.0 - 1 Barnestorm Publisher
POC Version 1.2017.0804.1 - 1 Barnestorm Publisher
Office Version 1.2017.0804.0 - 1 Barnestorm Publisher
POC Version 1.2017.0711.1 - 1 Barnestorm Publisher